Publicity Works Better Than You Think

Regardless of the media, about 90% of what is covered starts because a media insider provides a media release, source, or story angle to a member of the media.

But There’s a Catch


Every media source gets enough media inquiries to fill it’s needs 4 times over. That means 75% of all requests fail to get publicity.

And a Sure-Fire Solution


When You Have The Option, Put Your Media Release In The Hands Of A Freelancer

Why Read this eBook

Only 10% of the paper remains if you cut out all the “News Articles” that started because of self-interest publicity efforts. This means PUBLICITY WORKS GREAT!

About the Author
Adam Torkildson has spent years working with media journalists, bloggers, freelancers and producers. He has helped clients get more than $73-million in publicity for clients and has managed the marketing campaigns of 7-figure businesses.

Adam Torkildson
Senior Associate, Snapp Conner PR

Copyright 2013 Adam Torkildson

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"I have found this ebook to deliver detailed insights into a great topic. This eBook is full of detailed instructional methods on getting free publicity. The knowledge and expertise displayed in this ebook has allowed me to grow my business."

Hugh Vail
CEO, American Preppers Network

Insider Secrets to Getting Massive Free PR

The Sure Fire Way to Get Publicity

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