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Coaching, not lectures. Practice, not slides.Training that works!


Media training services customized exclusively for you. Never just a “class,” we offer clients an intensive, immersive workshop that helps communicators better understand the news media, and trains them to deliver their messages flawlessly.

Our reality-based media training technique provides the tools necessary to communicate to any target, not just traditional reporters. Whether you reach your audience through town hall meetings, social media, or your own website videos, we will help you do it effectively.


Michael Tamson, Co Founder

Michael has vast experience in the entertainment industry with a six-year tenure with ABC-TV, international commerical filming, and on-site with Paramount Pictures Studios . He has that rare gift of understanding and being able to predict the currents of the mass-collective social conscious. He has developed a reputation as a succesful life coach in motivational change, image consulting, and mentoring in social influencers.

He also has a background in international markets and technology. Michael is able to pinpoint what elements will send the wrong message and more importantly, hone your skills so you and your message will resonate with the desired target publics.


“I went through Media Training for CEOs and was blown away at how quickly my confidence and skills in front of the camera improved within a month.”


Clients learn not to live by talking points alone. We nurture the persuasive storyteller in each of our clients for one simple reason: Stories and images are 60,000 more memorable than facts – and we want your message to have lasting power. Transforming your messages into memorable quotes and sound bites is one of our core strengths.

Clients emerge from our trainings sounding thoughtful and insightful, not programmed and coached. That’s because our sessions go way beyond the here-are-your-three-key-messages approach. Our techniques allow you to subtly steer media interviews so they sound like real conversations, not stilted talking-point memos.

The difference between owning the room during a speech and being forgettable is determined by two factors: Your content and your delivery. Clarity coaches understand the two are inseparable. That’s why every coaching session shows clients how to finesse the words on the page and how to instill the techniques needed to execute them brilliantly.

Michael McConkie, Co Owner, H.M. Cole

Melissa Thompson, Owner

Melissa has been training CEO's and Small Business owners for over a decade. She started training and consulting at 21 while still in school. She has been quoted in or contributed content to Inc, MSNBC, Forbes, USA Today, US News, and 100s of other online sites.

Combined with her love of the written word along with understanding people, she is uniquely positioned to understand exactly what it feels like to be interviewed for a news report and also strategize on the exact message that needs to be conveyed in each situation.


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